Benefits To Working At Home With Your Home Gym Equipment

There is no question about it: there are some serious benefits to working at home with your home gym equipment. You don't have to calculate travel time to and from the gym, you never have to pack a bag, and you can blow up music headphones without going to work out .Of course, there are some limitations that come with taking an exercise program at home. For one, you may have minimal exercise. Plus, the gym usually has a leg up on the equipment, and it's not cheap to stock up on your home set with all those bells and whistles.

That said, with a few cost-effective pieces of home gym equipment, you can do a lot. (In fact, you don't have to spend money at all  there are many ways to do cardio and strength work using only your bodyweight for resistance.) When you're strong, you need to add resistance. Allow, and add more variety to your workout, so you (and your muscles) won't get bored with the same old, same old routine .Let's start with the basics: The five pieces of home gym equipment are to start your home for less than Rs. So don't think of these items as a shopping list. Instead, choose what you invest based on your personal exercise routine and habits.

On a basic level an exercise or yoga mat makes floor exercises more comfortable, whether you're doing ABS on your back or doing push-ups on your knees. Find a thicker mat for more pillows, especially if you are working on a hard floor. Also, using a mat is a great way to make sure you find at least one rectangle in a specific workout area. You can also bring your mat to the backyard or to the beach to exercise outside.

Kettle bells are more of a piece of equipment than you think, and they're great for working your muscles and boosting your heart rate. "You can do traditional kettle bull exercises like kettle bull swings or Turkish get-ups, and you can also add traditional strength training exercises to replace it," Manu suggested. "For example, you can goblet squat with a kettle bell or do a walking length passing the kettle bell under your front leg every time you move forward.

Minno also recommends getting a heavy set of dumbbells to add extra challenge to the workout. You can use them instead of your medium weight dumbbells when you are doing exercises that work your major muscle groups (such as squats or dumbbell deadlifts as they can handle more loads .Having a heavy set of dumbbells around allows you to continue the exercises as you get stronger, even if you can't do as much rap with 15 pound dumbbells as you can with 8 pound dumbbells. (It is more important to maintain good form.


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